Former Manufacture - Ft. Wayne, Indiana

This former manufacturing site was grossly contaminated with solvents and PCBs. Ash Union worked with the property owner to get the property back after losing it at a tax sale. Unable to hold the companies’ insurers responsible for undertaking the necessary cleanup work, Ash Union took on the claims management work and was able to bring parties together to pay for the environmental cleanup.

Ash Union continues to manage these claims and the environmental investigation and cleanup and is working with the City to redevelop the property.


Former Manufacturer - Indianapolis, Indiana

The former CMW manufacturing site sits on a 6-acre property in downtown Indianapolis. The site has significant soil and groundwater contamination caused by decades of manufacturing operations. 

Ash Union conducted due diligence activities for the client to acquire the property. Then Ash Union managed the environmental claims and oversaw the environmental work. The neighboring properties have been redeveloped as a high school and a senior care facility.  In an effort to reduce the blight in the neighborhood, Ash Union coordinated the demolition of the 180,000 square foot building.


Former Manufacturer - Lebanon, Indiana

After attending a presentation by Ash Union, the Mayor of Lebanon reached out to discuss a brownfield property that was a blight to the neighborhood and was at the head of the city’s new trailhead. The 5-acre site was used to manufacturer a wide variety of industrial equipment and supplies throughout the 1900s, including boilers, gun barrels, munitions, and plastics. 

Ash Union conducted due diligence on the property and coordinated the acquisition of the property. They then worked with legal counsel to pursue the parties that caused the environmental contamination and managed the environmental cleanup of the property. 

Ash Union obtained redevelopment tax credits through the Indiana Economic Development Commission and the City of Lebanon and is working to develop the site for light manufacturing or logistics.


Former Manufacturer - Madison, Indiana

The former Tower Tack manufacturing site sat on the edge of Madison’s downtown. For years the property sat vacant due to environmental contamination from historical operations. Ash Union coordinated due diligence activities and worked with the City to expand the downtown redevelopment plan, which resulted in the City of Madison receiving the prestigious Stellar Grant from the Indiana Lieutenant Governor’s office, a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment initiative.

Following this accomplishment, Ash Union managed the environmental cleanup of the site, managed the environmental claims, and coordinated the sale of the property to a development group.

The property has since been developed as senior housing and the property has achieved regulatory closure.


Former Plater and Metal Finisher - Mishawaka, Indiana

The former Baycote Plating site went bankrupt in the early 2000’s after decades of operation. During emergency cleanup activities by the federal government, plating chemicals left onsite were mixed together and a toxic cloud of cyanide gas was released, requiring the evacuation of the nearby neighborhood.

The building, located in an industrial park, sat in disrepair for years, looking very much like the set of an old horror film until, on behalf of the client, Ash Union was able to negotiate the acquisition of the property from the County Commissioners through a tax sale.

Ash Union managed the demolition of the 58,000 square foot buildings and the environmental investigation. They are currently working with the former operator’s insurance carriers to assist in the site cleanup.


Former Dry Cleaner (Ermisch Cleaners) - Terre Haute, Indiana

Ash Union managed due diligence activities and the environmental claims of the former Ermisch Cleaners. The site was contaminated with hazardous chemicals from decades of use as a dry cleaner and the groundwater plume extends nearly a mile toward the Wabash River.

The site has been fully remediated and development plans have been approved by the City to construct a self-storage facility to serve the local residential community.


Former Dry Cleaner (Trimpe Cleaners) - Terre Haute, Indiana

Ash Union conducted environmental due diligence activities and coordinated the acquisition of the former Trimpe Cleaners. Trimpe Cleaners was under a State Cleanup Order associated with the release of hazardous chemicals into the soil and groundwater, resulting a in a significant groundwater plume. 

Ash Union managed the environmental claims and worked with the environmental consultant to conduct the site investigation and remediation of the property.

The environmental remediation was completed while keeping the building intact and the property was sold to a Buyer who is using it for woodworking and craft studio.


Former Dry Cleaner - Hammond, Indiana 

Ash Union conducted environmental due diligence activities and developed a plan on behalf of the client to acquire a former dry cleaner and several neighboring residential houses. The owner of the former dry cleaner passed away and left the contaminated property to his grandchildren. The dry cleaner was responsible for soil and groundwater contamination that was migrating under residential houses and in addition to the claims asserted by the State of Indiana, personal injury claims were brought by these residents.

Ash Union worked to coordinate the acquisition of the dry cleaner from the grandchildren and the impacted residential properties. Collectively the properties comprised a city block. Ash Union managed the claims against the dry cleaner’s insurance and is now working to complete site remediation and development activities.


Former Auto Service Center - Indianapolis, Indiana

This former auto service center was completely gutted and redeveloped into a corporate office by Ash Union. Environmental issues were addressed during the planning and development stages and bank financing was procured after establishing the extent of the environmental impacts. 

Ash Union managed the acquisition of the property, pursuing the environmental claims against historical owners and operators, managing the environmental cleanup and obtaining a No Further Action letter from the State.


Former Dry Cleaner - Crown Point, Indiana

This former dry-cleaning property was in receivership when the lender reached out to Ash Union to undertake the management of the environmental cleanup.  Ash Union coordinated the sale of the bank note and title of the property and subsequently coordinated the purchase of the dry cleaner’s insurance from the bankruptcy trustee. 

Ash Union managed the environmental cleanup of the property and coordinated the sale of the property to a local shopping center developer.